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Vote for Creativity: LEGO Apple Store from LEGO Ideas

Designed by the fan legotruman, this LEGO version of an Apple Store is a captivating and imaginative creation.

Photo by LEGO

Designed by the fan legotruman, this LEGO version of an Apple Store is a captivating and imaginative creation. It perfectly captures the minimalist aesthetics and iconic features of an Apple Store while adding LEGO’s unique playful elements. Here are some highlights of this design:

Design Highlights:

  1. All-Glass Facade:
    • The design replicates the iconic all-glass architecture of Apple Stores, complete with a giant Apple logo at the center, making it instantly recognizable.
  2. Floor Layout:
    • First Floor Showcase: Displays the latest Apple products such as iPhone, Mac, AirPods Max, along with classic models like iMac G5, iPod, and Vision Pro.
    • Second Floor Workshop: Features the Forum, where customers can participate in Today at Apple sessions, experiencing Apple’s innovative technology and products.
  3. Character Design:
    • LEGO minifigures dressed in blue T-shirts represent store employees, while customers are adorned in colorful attire, adding fun and vibrancy.
  4. Eco-Friendly Greenery:
    • The design includes indoor and outdoor plants, reflecting Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability and adding a touch of nature.

How to Support:

This design needs to gather over 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas platform within six months to be considered by LEGO for official release. If you find this creative project as captivating as we do, you can vote to help make it a reality:

Vote Here: ➡ Vote for this LEGO Apple Store

Potential Release and Collection Plans:

If this LEGO Apple Store is released as an official set, it would be a highly collectible piece. For LEGO and Apple enthusiasts, this is a must-have. Building this Apple Store at home would not only be a fun activity but also a way to showcase your creativity and love for technology.


The LEGO Apple Store by legotruman is a remarkable fusion of creativity and technology. It captures the unique style of Apple Stores while adding LEGO’s playful charm. Fans of LEGO and Apple products, don’t miss out—go vote for this amazing project now!






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