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Tineco Unveils Groundbreaking Black Friday Deals for S7 Pro Floor Cleaner

Tineco introduces its latest floor cleaning marvels, the Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro and S5 BLUE cordless floor cleaner.

Photo by Tineco

In the spirit of Black Friday, Tineco introduces its latest floor cleaning marvels, the Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro and S5 BLUE cordless floor cleaner. Elevating the cleaning experience to new heights, these innovative machines redefine smooth floor care.

Unprecedented Features for Effortless Cleaning:

  1. Effortless Maneuvering: Tineco’s S7 Pro boasts the SmoothPower dual-directional propulsion system, making it a breeze to clean floors. No more struggling with the weight of traditional cleaners; this system provides traction assistance both when pushing forward and pulling backward.
  2. Efficient Water Cleaning: The MHCBS technology ensures a continuous water supply to keep the brush clean, allowing for efficient and streak-free mopping. Say goodbye to water stains and machine jams – the cleaning process is exceptionally smooth.
  3. No Corner Left Behind: The S7 Pro’s dual-edge brush design ensures thorough cleaning even in tricky corners and along walls. No more frustration with overlooked spots; this innovation ensures a comprehensive cleaning experience.
  4. Intuitive Large Screen: Featuring a 3.6″ LCD screen, the S7 Pro provides clear, real-time status updates. The large display makes operation a breeze throughout the entire cleaning process.

Upgrade to the Next Level:

Building upon the success of the previous S5 Blue model, known for its dirt-separation capabilities, larger water tank, and iLoop sensor technology, the S7 Pro introduces several enhancements for an even more comfortable user experience. A detailed comparison chart is provided below for those interested in specific parameter differences.

Black Friday Special Pricing:

  • Tineco S7 Pro: Original $799.00, Black Friday $551.3 with discount code “TommyBFTC.”
  • Tineco S5 BLUE: Original $499.99, Black Friday $321.99 with the same discount code.

Join the Cleaning Revolution: Take advantage of these historic Black Friday prices by following the links below:

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