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Tea Time: Discover the True ‘Fruit Tea’ with TAETEA Pu’er Tea

Below, you'll find an introduction to the TAETEA brand and a brief overview of Pu'er tea, perfect for newcomers.

Photo by TAETEA

Below, you’ll find an introduction to the TAETEA brand and a brief overview of Pu’er tea, perfect for newcomers. Long-time tea lovers, you can skip ahead to the star of this week’s event: TAETEA New Xinhui Small Green Tangerine Pu’er Tea!


TAETEA is the leading brand of Pu’er tea in China, holding over 90% of the industry’s patented technology. In 2008, “DaYi Tea Making Techniques” was included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China. By 2011, TAETEA Group’s Menghai Tea Factory was listed as a “China Time-Honored Brand,” and “TAETEA” was recognized as a well-known trademark in China.

As the creator of the contemporary Pu’er tea industry, TAETEA sets the standard for Pu’er tea value, owns classic Pu’er tea formulas, and is the inventor of global microbial tea-making technology. The brand embodies the core value of “Cherishing Tea and Caring for People,” adhering to the principle of “Tea People’s Dignity” and promoting the tea spirit of “Benevolence of Tea.” Since entering Amazon USA six years ago, TAETEA has been beloved by tea enthusiasts, continuing to provide authentic Pu’er tea to friends in the US.

Pu’er Tea Types: Sheng (Raw) and Shou (Ripe)

Due to different production processes, Pu’er tea is divided into Sheng (raw) and Shou (ripe) tea. Sheng tea is stronger and more astringent, while Shou tea is milder, with a thick, sweet aftertaste and rich aged aroma.

  • Sheng Tea Benefits:
    1. Antioxidant properties
    2. Anti-radiation
    3. Anti-cancer
    4. Antibacterial and antiviral; aids in weight loss and digestion

  • Shou Tea Benefits:
    1. Lowers blood pressure
    2. Regulates blood lipids
    3. Reduces blood sugar
    4. Protects gastrointestinal function
    5. Enhances skin health and anti-aging

TAETEA New Xinhui Small Green Tangerine Pu’er Tea

Each small green tangerine is filled with ripe Pu’er tea, individually packaged to preserve the tea’s fragrance and richness. This tea is a perfect blend of tea and fruit aroma, crafted from the finest tangerines harvested in late July from Xinhui, filled with DaYi Menghai Tea Factory’s royal-grade ripe Pu’er tea.

Perfect for a calming break from your busy workday, a single piece of DaYi Small Green Tangerine Pu’er Tea offers a soothing experience. Its durable quality means that the tea retains its rich flavor through multiple brews, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts. The beautifully packaged gift box is also ideal for gifting to family and friends who appreciate fine tea.

Special Offer:

  • Original Price: $47.99
  • Discounted Price: $33.59
  • Discount Code: PQN3BN7Z (valid on other Pu’er tea products in the link as well)
  • Purchase Here: Link to Purchase #ad

Important Notes:

  1. Pu’er tea is a fermented tea, and its value increases with age.
  2. Pu’er tea needs to interact with air to maintain its activity, so it is not vacuum-sealed. The transparent outer packaging is to prevent dust. If gifting, you can remove the outer plastic wrap beforehand.

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