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Spring’s First Harvest:Aprika Life Organic Japanese Matcha Powder 1 oz – $10.99

 Aprika Life's matcha powder is made from the first batch of spring-harvested tea leaves.

Photo by Aprika Life

Spring is here, and with it comes the first harvest of tender tea leaves, perfect for matcha enthusiasts. Aprika Life’s matcha powder is made from the first batch of spring-harvested tea leaves. Due to the winter dormancy, the tea plants accumulate rich nutrients, making the first-harvest matcha exceptionally fresh and flavorful.

This matcha is USDA and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) organic certified, ensuring it’s free from heavy metals and chemicals. Its aroma is sweet and fresh, ideal for making iced matcha lattes, matcha smoothies, or adding to desserts. Stock up on this premium matcha to enjoy delicious matcha beverages and treats at home.

  • Regular Price: $19.99
  • Subscribe & Save (S&S) Checkout:
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    • Use discount code: APRIKA10
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    • Final Price: $10.99
  • You can cancel the subscription after the product ships if you no longer need it.

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Take advantage of this limited-time offer and elevate your matcha experience with high-quality organic matcha powder. Enjoy the fresh, vibrant taste of spring in every sip!

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