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Review:  BUYDEEM Instant Hot Water Dispenser (Latest Version)

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One of our editors tested a  BUYDEEM instant hot water dispenser three years ago, and this time, the latest version is ready. The most significant improvement lies in its speed. Previously, it took 60 seconds to heat up a cup of water. Now, it’s just… 3 seconds.

Once you press the button, hot water starts flowing immediately. This speed leaves me speechless. Additionally, the previous issue of insufficient water output has been greatly improved in this new version. You can now choose from 100/200/300/500/800ml, whether you want a sip, a small cup, a medium cup, or a large cup – it caters to all. It can even be used to directly make instant noodles. The feeling of having a midnight snack without the need to light a fire, just by pressing a button, is simply fantastic. Placed in the master bedroom, I can already imagine how comfortable this winter will be.


1. Lightning-fast heating in just 3 seconds, exactly save your time.

2. Wide range of water output options (100/200/300/500/800ml), versatile for different cup sizes.

3. Compact, delicate, and beautiful appearance.

4. Suitable for various purposes, including hot water/ drink /instant noodle preparation.


  1. A little expensive if you are used to kettles for hot water.
  2. You must use purified or filtered water.


The BUYDEEM instant hot water dispenser’s latest version is a game-changer in terms of speed and efficiency. With its incredibly rapid heating and flexible water output options, it’s a versatile addition to any household. Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of tea or need hot water for cooking, this dispenser has you covered. Say goodbye to long waits for hot water – Beideng has truly raised the bar in instant hot water technology. This winter is sure to be a delight with this appliance in the master bedroom.

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