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Review: Anker Soundcore New AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Earbuds

Are you tired of the same old over-ear or in-ear headphones? Explore something unique this Black Friday - the Soundcore AeroFit Pro.

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Two months later, after the Laifen hair dryer, we unboxed a new interesting unit. Are you tired of the same old over-ear or in-ear headphones? Explore something unique this Black Friday – the Soundcore AeroFit Pro.

The Best Open-Ear Experience:

Soundcore AeroFit Pro: Let me tell you, these are hands down the best open-ear headphones I’ve ever used. But first, let’s understand what “open-ear headphones” really mean. Unlike traditional headphones, these don’t have earbuds. Instead, they cleverly suspend in front of your ear canal, eliminating the pressure caused by earbuds and avoiding the discomfort from imbalanced inner and outer ear pressures.

Our editor is a fan of over-ear headphones like Bose QC35, QC45, and Apple AirPods Max. They can be heavy, especially in the summer, but he can’t do earbuds. They either fall out or are uncomfortable – a struggle he’s accepted. If you’re in the same boat, rejoice! The Soundcore AeroFit Pro is our savior. No need to insert them, just hang them around your ears.

The benefits of this open-ear design are straightforward. You can still have normal conversations, and external sounds are crystal clear. Long-term wear is a breeze, and for sports enthusiasts, no worries about them falling off. The battery life is impressive at 14 hours, extending to a whopping 46 hours with the charging case – truly designed for extended use.

The hardware is impeccable, from the satisfying click of the storage box to the LED breathing light on top, and the earphones’ tactile feel. The buttons have just the right pressure, and the magnetic strength is evidence of the manufacturer’s dedication. Hardware design gets a solid five stars from me.

Sound Quality

In the realm of open-ear headphones, we have two aspects: call quality and music performance. AeroFit Pro excels in call quality, delivering clear transmission and reception. It’s so clear that colleagues in my daily meetings couldn’t tell I’d switched headphones. As for music, traditionally a weak point for open-ear headphones due to limited isolation, the AeroFit Pro surprises. The mid and high tones are excellent, and even the bass holds its ground. I stand by my initial statement – the AeroFit Pro is the best open-ear headphones he’s tried.

Of course, no product is perfect. During the editor’s use, he found a sweet spot for placement that significantly enhanced sound quality. However, this spot is narrow, and during intense activities like workouts or runs, the headphones tend to shift, causing a roughly 20% drop in performance until readjusted. If you’re not too discerning about brand and sound differences, you can likely overlook these drawbacks. But for perfectionists, it might affect your experience during workouts.

In summary, the AeroFit Pro is an outstanding product. With two wearing styles (ear hooks and neckband) for you to customize, the magnetic assembly is robust. During testing, I discovered that the neckband virtually eliminates sound leakage, highlighting the advantages of open-ear headphones.

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