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Relaxation Special: SKG G7 Pro / H5 Mini Neck and Shoulder Massagers

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Still, pondering the perfect gift to express your gratitude and love for Mom? Look no further than the SKG Mother’s Day event, offering relief for those neck and shoulder tensions caused by work and household chores. Let’s dive into today’s offerings:

  1. Pulse + Vibration + Red Light Heat Therapy: G7 Pro for Comprehensive Neck Relaxation
    • Introducing the new generation G7 Pro, an upgrade from its predecessor with:
      • 9 enhanced vibrating massage heads, providing a 30% increase in massage intensity.
      • Larger area red light heat therapy for an elevated massage experience.
    • Perfect for those accustomed to quick electric massages, effectively alleviating neck stiffness and soreness.
    • Foldable design, weighing approximately 270g, as light as a pair of headphones, making it convenient for travel and storage.
  2. “4+2” 6D Massage Heads: H5 Mini for Simulated Human Hand Massage
    • Retaining the powerful thumbs from H7 & H5 models, with proprietary massage algorithms, it achieves true simulated human hand massage.
    • Features 3 finger pressure massage modes and 2 levels of heating, precisely kneading and pressing, with a massage area ranging from 12.2 -15.2in, providing comprehensive shoulder and neck relief.
    • Wireless backpack design for effortless use, truly freeing your hands to multitask, combining massage and productivity seamlessly.

The G7 Pro can be controlled via an app, allowing you to choose the mode and intensity that suits your needs. Awarded the 2024 German IF Design Award, its quality is unparalleled. If you prefer electric massage therapy for on-the-go relief, opt for the G7 Pro. If you lean towards physical finger pressure massage, then the H5 Mini is your choice. Whether for personal use or as a filial gift, these massagers convey your care and affection effortlessly.

Prices and Discounts:

  • SKG G7 Pro (Electric Therapy Model):
    • Original Price: $149.99
    • Clip $30 OFF Coupon
    • Apply discount code: P6RL37WL
    • Final Price: $89.99
  • SKG H5 Mini (Finger Pressure Model):
    • Original Price: $79.99
    • Clip 20% OFF Coupon
    • Apply discount code: MD5Q6XNR
    • Final Price: $45.49

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