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New LEGO Family Tree Can be Pre-ordered Now!

Photo by LEGO

No one could resist LEGO, and we covered related several deals last year. Introducing the classical Dream Treehouse’s seasonal counterpart – the Family Tree in striking red, just in time for the upcoming Lunar New Year. This vibrant hue not only suits the festive atmosphere but also adds warmth to the chilly winter, creating a visually comforting display.

The set includes 1,040 pieces, assembling into an 11.5in X 7in X 7in family tree. What makes it extra special is the inclusion of 16 hanging clips, perfect for showcasing small photos, notes, tickets, and more. Beyond being a decorative piece, it holds special significance by witnessing and preserving family memories, perfectly aligning with the “family tree” concept.

The design, a fan submission, originally featured Minions picture frames, but LEGO revamped it with hanging clips. The set is slated for release on February 1, 2024, with a pre-order price of $79.99. Fans appreciate the sentimental value of creating this creative piece with parents or grandparents, though opinions vary on the harmony of the red color with the tree design.

And here’s a bonus for LEGO enthusiasts: pre-ordering over $190 also gets you a Retro Diner Car 40681. Consider bundling your orders!

Link to Purchase (Family Tree) | Link to Retro Diner Car

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