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Govee Smart Lighting Series – Illuminate Your Home with Black Friday Deals!

Photo by Govee

Light up your living space with the enchanting Govee Smart Lighting Series this Black Friday, creating a warm and romantic ambiance that sets the soulful tone for your home decor. With new arrivals in the spotlight, effortlessly DIY your home party scenes and infuse an explosion of happiness into your living space. As the year-end festivities approach, Govee ensures you’re ready for the plethora of events with carefully selected styles at fantastic prices.

💡 Govee WiFi Smart Curtain Lights: Discover the magic of window curtains transforming into gorgeous canvases. With dimensions of 5 x 6.6 feet, including 520 LED beads, these curtain lights allow you to customize your visual display. Boasting over 107 dynamic scene modes and enhanced music synchronization, the DreamView app lets you control Govee lights with ease. Intelligent application and voice control make your curtains eye-catching.

  • Original Price: $129.99
  • Black Friday Discount: $89.99

💡 Govee RGBIC Christmas Decoration Lights: Make your home’s Christmas lights stand out this year with customizable RGBIC LED lights. Each LED bead can independently choose from over 16 million colors, and with 99 dynamic scene modes, these lights cater to various occasions. Synchronize them with music, and with a built-in microphone, they detect and match your favorite beats. The added game mode brings extra playfulness, enhancing special interactions among friends and family.

  • Original Price: $89.99
  • Black Friday Discount: $62.99

💡 Govee RGBIC Smart Outdoor Light String (96 feet): Bring vibrancy to your outdoor spaces with 96 feet of lighting excellence. Offering 16 million colors and 40 dynamic scene modes, these lights allow you to upload photos through the smart app to showcase scenes that match your pictures. With the added RGBIC lighting effect, each Christmas bulb can be set to a different color, providing a personalized touch to your decoration. IP65 waterproof ensures durability for outdoor use.

  • Original Price: $99.99
  • Black Friday Discount: $57.99

Each selection is carefully curated to help you create unforgettable memories during your parties. Don’t miss out on these Black Friday-only deals. No discount codes needed – just click to add to your cart!

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