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FLIGE Ionic High-Speed Hair Dryer We Love is on Sale Again!

Photo by FLIGE

The FLIGE hair dryer is back! Weighing only 380g, it can dry your hair within 5 minutes, leaving you looking fabulous for your outings. Compact and easy to store, this FLIGE dryer is a must-have in your spring break travel bag.

Product Features

1️⃣ 11W High-Speed Brushless Motor: With a wind speed of up to 22m/s, 2-speed settings, and 4 adjustable temperature controls, drying your hair usually only takes 2-5 minutes, three times faster than traditional hair dryers. For those who prefer to wash their hair in the morning before heading out, this dryer allows for a few more precious minutes of sleep.

2️⃣ Constant Temperature Monitoring at 100 Times per Second: The high-performance chip control system measures and controls air temperature more than 100 times per second, preventing overheating and protecting fragile hair.

3️⃣ Hair Protecting Negative Ions: Releases 1 million negative ions, making hair smoother and shinier, effectively reducing frizz and adding luster.

Our editors have tested the sample: Overall, the product has a good quality feel, comparable to major brands in terms of hair drying performance. The magnetic suction nozzle accessory is well-made, and it comes with an ALCI safety plug to ensure safe use.

Deal Details

Original Price: $99.99
Discount Code: RFDBBI9Z
Discounted Price: $49.99

Purchase here: Link #ad

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