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EXPLORER BEAR UR10W Portable Mini Fridge Freezer UP TO 50% OFF!

Seize the opportunity to enjoy fresh and chilled delights wherever you go with the EXPLORER BEAR UR10W! Act fast – this exclusive offer won't stay cool forever!


For those who love to embark on culinary adventures with family and friends, having a reliable portable fridge is a must. Introducing the EXPLORER BEAR UR10W, your trusted companion for preserving on-the-go delicacies, now available at a fantastic discount of up to 50%!


⚫️ Two Cooling Modes, Ice Melt Resistant: The UR10W is the first portable fridge powered by both a compressor and batteries. Choose between a refrigeration temperature of 39°F or a freezing temperature of 0°F, allowing you to customize the cooling mode according to the contents of the fridge. Say goodbye to portable fridges that can’t handle ice melting!

⚫️ Quick and Long-lasting Freshness: Achieving a refrigeration temperature of 39°F takes only about 10 minutes, and cooling down to freezing temperature from 79°F takes just 40 minutes. Purchasing additional batteries extends the freezer time to a remarkable 8 hours or refrigeration time up to 48 hours. No more worries about your groceries going bad when left in the car!

⚫️ Versatile Power Options for Convenience: Powered by AC (110-240V), DC (12V/24V), batteries, or solar energy, this fridge can even be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It adapts effortlessly to various mobile scenarios, whether it’s traveling, camping, fishing, RV trips, off-road adventures, supermarket shopping sprees, or keeping personal snacks and skincare products cool beside your desk. Convenience has never been this…cool!

Deal Detail

For less than a hundred dollars, you can own a portable fridge with battery-powered refrigeration/freezing that you can carry anywhere, and it even comes with free shipping. Such a cool deal is only available during this cool holiday season! We’ve secured an exclusive half-price discount for our community members. The warranty and after-sales service are not discounted – the compressor is covered for three years, and other parts are covered for one year. The local bilingual customer service team in the City of Industry, Southern California, is ready to assist. If you have any product issues, call the service hotline at 1-833-275-3482 or email them. Whether for gifting or personal use, rest assured. Don’t miss this exclusive off-season offer!

UR10W 10L Without Battery Version / With Battery Version
Original Price: $199.99 / $299.99
Discounted Price: $99.50 / $179.50
Promo Codes: TOMMY50 / TOMMY40
(Note: Promo code TOMMY40 applies to other portable fridges on the entire site)

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Seize the opportunity to enjoy fresh and chilled delights wherever you go with the EXPLORER BEAR UR10W! Act fast – this exclusive offer won’t stay cool forever!

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