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Enhance Your Road Safety with the FAS 4K + 2K Dual Dash Cam

Dual Dash Cam

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Driving on the open road, and exploring picturesque landscapes, is a liberating experience. However, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Upgrading your wife’s dash cam to the FAS 4K + 2K dual dash cam can provide you with peace of mind, capturing every detail of your journey in stunning clarity. Let’s delve into the features that make this dash cam a reliable companion for your travels.

1. Comprehensive Ultra HD Vision:

The FAS dual dash cam combines a front-facing 4K and a rear-facing 2K camera, equipped with top-notch sensors to capture street signs, license plates, vehicles, and pedestrians around your car. Powered by the efficient NOVATEK processor, it ensures smooth operation and faster response times.

2. Crystal Clear Night Vision:

Thanks to high-quality sensors and enhanced low-light sensitivity, this dash cam excels in low-light conditions, eliminating the need for auxiliary lighting. With features like the F1.75 large aperture, infrared lens, and professional WDR and HDR technology, it guarantees clear nighttime footage. Additionally, it’s built to withstand temperature fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted recording.

3. Robust Evidence Protection:

The FAS dash cam offers 24-hour parking surveillance and includes a built-in gravity sensor. In parking mode, it uses its rechargeable internal battery to monitor the surroundings. Upon detecting sudden shocks or collisions, the camera automatically locks the footage, preventing it from being overwritten. Even in the event of an accident or engine shutdown, the FAS Mode activates the internal battery to continue recording the incident. The FAS Capture feature allows you to take screenshots for quick reference.

4. Bigger Screen, Better View:

While standard dual dash cams typically feature a 2.3-inch display, the FAS comes with an impressive 3-inch super-sized screen, providing a broader viewing angle and displaying more details.

5. Speed and Route Tracking:

The built-in GPS effortlessly records driving routes and speeds, ensuring crucial data is never overlooked when needed.

Pricing and Availability:

– 4K + 2K Dual Dash Cam (with 128GB SD card)

   – Regular Price: $149.99

   – Prime Member Price: $99.00

   – Exclusive Offer Price on Good Buy Report: $69.30 (Prime members)

   – Discount Code: 20FASFALL (Clip 10% OFF Coupon)

– Single Dash Cam (with 128GB SD card) / Single Dash Cam

   – Regular Price: $79.99 / $79.99

   – Prime Member Price: $79.00 / $59.00

   – Exclusive Offer Price on Good Buy Report: $55.30 / $41.30 (Prime members)

   – Discount Code: 20FASFALL (Clip 10% OFF Coupon for 4K single dash cam)


At this price point, acquiring a genuine 4K + 2K dual dash cam with a complimentary 128GB memory card is a fantastic deal. The product, which we had the privilege of testing a few months ago, was impressed with its quality and usability. The manufacturer’s commitment to continuous improvement is commendable. Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re in need of a reliable dash cam. 

For purchasing, click here:

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