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Embrace the New Era of AI with Microsoft’s Copilot Key

Photo by Microsoft

Have you joined the ChatGPT craze in 2023? Well, buckle up because 2024 is declared as the ‘Year of AI PCs’ by Microsoft, bringing forth a revolutionary change with the introduction of the Copilot key into Windows 11 computers. Now, users can effortlessly access the Windows Copilot service, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), with just a gentle tap on their keyboards.

So, what exactly is this Copilot key?

It’s the seamless integration of Microsoft’s generative AI chat assistant, “Copilot.” Not only can you chat and ask questions, but you can also directly control computer functions through commands.

This innovation also supports plugins. The initial release includes over 50 plugins from prominent companies like Adobe, Canva, Spotify,, and more. Microsoft has even announced Bing as a plugin for ChatGPT, addressing the current pain points of outdated information and inaccurate responses.

Ready to make Copilot your ultimate assistant? As the AI era approaches, are you intrigued by Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot key? Devices featuring this new key are set to hit the market soon. If you’re interested, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, more info is here.






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