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Elevate Your Work with FlexiSpot Standing Desk

Photo by FlexiSpot

After reviewing and unboxing the Laifen hair dryer & BUYDEEM instant hot water dispenser, Temuwithsaving unboxed the third sample from FlexiSpot, hoping this review would help readers to know its new electric standing desk quickly.


FlexiSpot, a leading brand in ergonomic home office products, has over a thousand patented innovations. Committed to providing top-quality ergonomic solutions, FlexiSpot has been a best-seller in the U.S. for years, serving millions of users. Today, we focus on their flagship product: the electric standing desk. With seamless, one-touch adjustments, it offers a height range from 28.6 to 46.3 inches (excluding the 0.6-inch thick desktop). Operating at a noise level below 50 dB, it ensures uninterrupted focus for you and your team. 


1. Sleek, Durable One-Whole Piece Desktop:

   Crafted with precision, the entire desk surface outperforms pieced-together alternatives in durability, stability, and aesthetics. The production demands and costs for this monolithic surface are notably higher.

2. Robust Full-Body Cold Rolled Steel Frame:

   The industrial-grade sturdy structure supports up to 132 lbs, ensuring stability and preventing wobbling during standing desk use, guaranteeing long-term structural integrity.

3. Reassuring After-Sales Service from a Reputable Manufacturer:

   The controller, switch, and electronic components are covered by a two-year warranty, while the frame, motor, and mechanical parts enjoy an impressive five-year warranty. While we don’t expect a desk to last a lifetime, the infrequency of replacements, along with the extensive warranty from a reputable manufacturer, provides peace of mind.


1. Only one motor, not as stable as two motors offer.

2.  Not smart, the controller is not equipped with memory function, so you need to remember and adjust the height when you switch your gesture. 

Editors Review:

FlexiSpot, a prominent player in the electric desk industry and a publicly listed company, has been featured numerous times on Good Stuff Reports. This time, we’re introducing their single-motor base model, measuring 48″ x 24″, in a handsome Maple finish. The benefits of an adjustable standing desk are well-known, but what sets this new model apart is its desktop. Unlike many previous models that featured a two-piece assembled desktop to cut down on logistics and packaging costs, this new design boasts a seamless, integrated one-whole piece desktop. Not only does this eliminate unsightly joints, but it also enhances overall structural integrity. Furthermore, the introductory price of this new release is highly competitive. For those in need, this is an opportunity worth seizing.

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