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Black Friday Deal: FLORASIS Compact Powder Set 0.3Oz

 FLORASIS immensely popular loose powder in the Chinese market has never seen a discount until this Black Friday.

Photo by Florasis

Indulge in the allure of Eastern beauty with FloraSiss, the brand that brings the art of makeup to life. If you’re a fan of timeless elegance, you’ve likely heard of FLORASIS, a brand that has been making waves in recent years. This time, they’ve offered their best-selling product, the Yuni Peach Blossom Air Finishing Powder, with sales surpassing millions. Calling all admirers of Eastern beauty – this one’s for you!

From the design philosophy to the formula inspiration, FLORASIS will transport you back to the days of meticulously adorning yourself in front of a bronze mirror.

  • The compact’s design draws inspiration from “small windows, meticulously grooming,” and its color tone reflects the “brows resembling distant mountains with a hint of indigo.”
  • Legend has it that during the Tang Dynasty, Princess Taiping liked to use peach blossom powder to make peach blossom red facial cream. FloraSiss took inspiration from this and added ingredients like peach blossom, pearl powder, silk powder, and red mushroom to the finishing powder.

With its vintage charm and a blend of traditional and innovative elements, doesn’t it tickle your fancy? The available shades cater to different preferences:

🪞01 – Snow-like complexion, natural micro-pearl sheen, suitable for fair skin.
🪞02/K02 – Jade-like visage, natural matte finish, suitable for natural or yellow-toned skin.
🪞03/K03 – Mist-like makeup, transparent matte finish, universally flattering.
🪞04 – Peach-like face, soft pink micro-pearl sheen, for a gentle and rosy complexion.

Wondering about the difference between 02 and K02? To provide an airy makeup look for oily skin, the K series powder includes plant extracts like kudzu root, forsythia, and anemarrhena. It offers a delicate and adherent feel, no caking, and oil control without powder floating. Non-oily skin users can opt for the non-K series. Since its launch on Amazon in 2021, this immensely popular loose powder in the Chinese market has never seen a discount until this Black Friday. If you adore Eastern aesthetics, now’s your chance to consider it!

Original Price: $36.00
Black Friday Discount: $28.80
To purchase, click here ➡ Buy Now

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