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All You Need to Know About the Temu Return Policy

All You Need to Know About the Temu Return Policy

Spoiler alert:  besides amazing deals on home & kitchen, apparel, housewares, outdoor, novelty items, and much more, all at unbelievably affordable prices on TEMU, it’s actually quite generous in terms of its return policy, considering the numerous products priced at under $2 each.

For those who haven’t heard of Temu, it’s a legitimate online retailer that connects millions of independent, third-party sellers with customers from the United States and Canada. Using our affiliate code to download TEMU APP, you can enjoy an extra  $100 coupon bundle & 50% off 👇

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Temu Return Policy Tips:

90 DAYS for a Free Return with TEMU

Nearly all items can be returned and refunded within this timeframe, starting from the date of purchase. Pls kindly note that the 90-day period begins when you place the order, not when the items are delivered to your home. The 1️⃣st return from any order is completely free, and you can print shipping labels through your Temu account.

The following Returns Require $7.99 fees.

Supposing you’ve already made a return from an order and need to return additional items from the same order, you can do so as long as it falls within the 90-day return period. But keep in mind that a $7.99 shipping fee will be deducted from your refund for any returns after the first free one. To avoid extra fees, ship back only one return package.

The lead time to ship a return package is 14 days.

You must ship your package within 14 days of initiating the return. Returns shipped after this deadline will be declined for a refund. Therefore, before initiating the return, make sure you can ship the package within the next two weeks.

No exchanges by TEMU
Have an item to exchange?  Confirm it’s still available, and return the original one first. Then place a new order for the one you wish for. Temu also provides store credit, which is almost instant. Therefore, you can process the return first and then use your store credit to order the new product.

Restrictions of the Temu Return Policy:

Although the return policy is generous, there are a few restrictions and items that cannot be shipped back for a refund. Here are the things you can’t return to Temu:

– Clothing items that are worn, washed, damaged, missing tags, packaging, or hygiene stickers, or are part of an incomplete set.

– Items labeled as nonrefundable.

– Free gifts.

While I expected many items to be nonrefundable, there weren’t many. Even most dental care and health products are covered by the 90-day return policy of Temu.

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