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A Quick-start Guide to Get Started with Notion

Photo by Notion

Notion is a powerful tool that serves various purposes, including note-taking, project management, and document writing. We briefed its function before, and here’s a straightforward ten-minute beginner’s guide:

Core Concepts:

  • Block: The fundamental element in Notion, which can be text, images, videos, etc.
  • Page: A container used to organize blocks.
  • Database: A table that can store and organize data.

Adding Elements:

  • Use the plus sign or slash in the interface to add text, images, links, and more.
  • You can freely arrange and manage these elements by dragging and resizing.

Editing and Styling:

  • After entering text, use a slash to adjust styles and background colors.
  • You can add reminders, dates, times, passwords, etc.

Page Operations:

  • Click the button in the top right corner of the page to view comments, history, etc.
  • Click the six dots in the page to copy block links.


  • Choose different types of databases and add table and attribute content.

Other Concepts:

  • Start working with templates.
  • Notion currently lacks a sidebar, but you can generate one by typing “/ TOC”.

In summary, Notion is a powerful and flexible tool that can be customized and used according to the needs of individuals or teams.






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